Join us for in-person Gatherings each Sunday at 10am.                        Click here for our latest update and guidelines.

Tune into Facebook LIVE, Sunday's 10AM to join us from home. 


Connecting Memphis

To the life, love, family, & friends found in Jesus.

Come Experience Family

Sunday Gathering

447 N. Evergreen St.  memphis, tn 38112

Or Facebook LIVE, Sunday's 10AM to join us from home. 

Experience family as we gather each Sunday to worship the Father, Son and Spirit. We use this time to sing and pray, listen and discuss, teach and give. Childcare is provided for birth–2nd grade.

Wanting the Best for Midtown

Jesus’ love changes lives.

Mercy Hill Memphis

Jesus Changes Us

Jesus changes us by offering us mercy so that anyone can find forgiveness and eternal life.

Jesus Connects Us

Jesus connects us to a family of forgiven misfits who are daily seeking to be more like Him.

Jesus Calls Us

Jesus calls us to serve the marginalized, the overlooked, and the no-hope-left kind of people because that’s who we were before Jesus’ love found us.

Experience Friendship & Family

Join a Sunday Gathering

A large gathering of our family (100 to 300 people) where together we meet with God our Father, celebrate the work of Jesus and follow the Holy Spirit as He empowers us to share the good news of Jesus.

Experience aN MC Family

A diverse family (10 to 20 people) learning to be missionary servants sent by God to make disciples who make disciples of Jesus for the good of Midtown.

Connect Over Coffee

A small group (3 to 5 people of the same gender) who meet weekly to discover Jesus in the scriptures, nurture the truths of the gospel through prayer and encouragement and take action to obey all Jesus calls us to be.

Free Download

3 Ways the Church has Failed Midtown

Midtown Memphis is filled with eclectic beauty and brokenness. Historically, the church has not always fulfilled her calling to be good news. Read our open confession and our humble desire to serve.


Life at Mercy Hill

We love to serve our city, throw parties and spend time together. Sometimes that means hanging out at the park, rehabbing an old house or just helping a neighbor who is in need. Check here to see upcoming events as they arise!