A Family Devoted to Jesus, Living According to His Word, and Making Disciples





Jesus’ love changes lives.

Jesus Changes Us

Jesus changes us by offering us mercy so that anyone can find forgiveness and eternal life.

Jesus Connects Us

Jesus connects us to a family of forgiven misfits who are daily seeking to be more like Him.

Jesus Calls Us

Jesus calls us to serve the marginalized, the overlooked, and the no-hope-left kind of people because that’s who we were before Jesus’ love found us.



Join a Sunday Gathering

A large gathering of our family (100 to 300 people) where together we meet with God our Father, celebrate the work of Jesus and follow the Holy Spirit as He empowers us to share the good news of Jesus.

Experience an MC Family

A diverse family (10 to 20 people) learning to be missionary servants sent by God to make disciples who make disciples of Jesus for the good of Midtown.

Connect Over Coffee

A small group (3 to 5 people of the same gender) who meet weekly to discover Jesus in the scriptures, nurture the truths of the gospel through prayer and encouragement and take action to obey all Jesus calls us to be.

Mercy Hill Church - 4/21/24 - Brad Dunlap

Welcome to Mercy Hill Church! We are grateful you've chosen to join us this morning! We pray that God speaks through HIS word into your life. Let us know in ...the chat ways we can pray for you this morning!

Ecclesiastes 11:1-6
Cast your bread upon the waters,
for you will find it after many days.
Give a portion to seven, or even to eight,
for you know not what disaster may happen on earth.
If the clouds are full of rain,
they empty themselves on the earth,
and if a tree falls to the south or to the north,
in the place where the tree falls, there it will lie.
He who observes the wind will not sow,
and he who regards the clouds will not reap.

5 As you do not know the way the spirit comes to the bones in the womb[a] of a woman with child, so you do not know the work of God who makes everything.

6 In the morning sow your seed, and at evening withhold not your hand, for you do not know which will prosper, this or that, or whether both alike will be good.
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